Continuous career evolution : Your everyday attitude matters


I will end my blog series with a tip which just may find itself into every list I create.  Your attitude matters. To me it matters more than anything else. I do recognize though that there are successful people who only leverage the first four areas and succeed in moving forward in their careers.  I can only say, I have learned from them, but I have not loved them.

Remember – this is your everyday attitude we are talking about.  Because you never know where your next sponsor or mentor or opportunity will come from, the impression you leave with people is your best calling card. There are three things about my attitude that I think have made a huge difference in my professional relationships at all levels.

The first is having a positive attitude.  We’ll call this being in “can do” mode. It’s not about saying yes to everything. It’s not about never pushing back. It’s about presenting the perspective that there’s a way to get things done, even if they are challenging.  You may know how, or think you do, or you may just already be plotting how you will find out.  But when you have this attitude, you leave others with the impression that they can leave you to get the job done. And they can. And they will remember that.

The second is about sharing your expertise. Don’t be shy about sharing what you know and offering to help others with that knowledge. We demonstrate our value to others in this way.  This is nothing more than being a mentor. Extend the same helping hand to others. I have always done this and because I am open to helping anyone, regardless of level of authority, it is often pretty effortless to gain others support when I need help with something.

Finally, none of this is calculated. This is who I am. I genuinely care about and respect other people. I am very curious about things and I love to learn, so I’m constantly asking others to share their expertise as well. People do love to talk about the things they know and love. I find that when my heart is open, giving and receiving are both a matter of course.

So, these are some of the things that have worked for me.  Some of them come naturally, some (like looking for sponsors) do not.  What works for you??