Take charge of your career

Do you have a job but not a career? Are you worrying about the next layoff in your organization? Have you been coasting along based on the last job or jobs you’ve done? Do you wish you were doing something else but don’t know what? Stop putting off taking a closer look at your next career move – take charge of your career.

This 10 week program is designed to enable you to build your career vision and career goals aligned with your life priorities. Covering topics like:

  • Building a career vision

  • Setting career goals

  • Building and leveraging your network

  • Getting your finances under control

  • Keeping your action plan on track

  • Prioritizing

the program will guide you through a provoking thought process with a time commitment of less than 2 hours per week. Program content includes :

10 weekly emails with up to 30 minutes reading / watching of relevant content.

5 individual coaching calls to explore and encourage your progress

3 major takeaways : life priorities, career vision, career goals


STOP worrying about your future and do something about it. Contact me to schedule a free discovery session to see if Taking Charge of your Career is right for you or Sign up now!