5 Ways to Influence Without Authority

Influencing without authority is a critical job skill for project managers. Keeping the cats herded requires a combination of strong project management and communication skills. When you combine that with influencing levers, you can master the most complex projects. Here are five ways to influence without authority.

Influencing without Authority – leveraging Attitude

This is the 6th and final blog in my series on Influencing without Authority.  So far, I’ve covered why it’s so important and 4 key influence areas to leverage (Expertise, Resources, Information, and Relationships). This last blog covers attitude. Right up there with building relationships, it seems pretty obvious to me that how you treat people, the attitude you take with them, is a huge differentiator.

Influencing without Authority – leveraging Relationships

In my blog series about Influencing without Authority, I have covered why you need to even consider it and 3 influence types so far : Expertise, Resources and Information.  Now let’s explore softer skills types of influence. I’ll start with Relationships and the last blog will be all about Attitude.

Influencing without Authority – leveraging information

So after the intro and blogs on Expertise and Resources, let’s focus on Information as a source of influence. Having a level playing field on knowledge about critical information is a must. If team members are not informed of key information, it’s impossible to move in the same direction together. You have information that others need and for sure they also have information you need.

Influencing without Authority – leveraging Resources

In my last two blogs, I focused on why influencing without authority can be so important and on the influencing effects of expertise. Let’s explore how resources are a source of influence. We all know that having the right resources – skills, people, budget – has a direct impact on the success of ambitious projects.

Influencing without Authority – leveraging Expertise

This is part 2 of a blog series on Influencing without Authority. If you missed the introduction blog, you can check it out here. I covered why it’s so important to leverage other types of influence and shared a personal example of what happens when you don’t.  This blog will focus on Expertise as an area of influence.

Influencing without Authority

Over the years, I have worked many complex, cross organizational, cross discipline projects which required influencing without authority. I learned many lessons – both from making mistakes and from applying some sound principles to my work ethic. In this blog series, I’ll be exploring what I consider the core elements of influence as well as some thoughts about creating a shared sense of urgency, which is critical to successful projects.