Work Life Balance

IT : a high stress industry

When we think about high stress industries, we think about policemen, firemen, first responders, nurses and doctors to name a few. It’s clear that these people are confronted with violence, pain and danger on a regular basis. So when we hear that IT is a high stress industry, it can be hard for some to make the jump. No danger, no pain, no violence – no big deal, right?

The elusive dream – work life balance

The infamous, ephemeral work life balance.  Family.  Career.  Success.  Personal Fulfillment. Is it really possible to “have it all”? I think so.   But I also think it’s a life’s work. Work/life balance may seem impossible to maintain at certain points in life.  When you get married. When your children are very small.  When you just got that promotion. When you are in survival mode.