About Me

My secret sauce for happiness – psychology, psychiatry and Tony Robbins

My first encounter with psychology was pre-adolescent. I was having trouble getting along with other kids.  I wanted to force them to play with me.  Frankly – I was ostracized the first few years of our life in North Carolina by the children my age because I was a “yankee”.  Forget playing with me, they didn’t talk to me for a couple years and I’m not making this up! 

My secret sauce for happiness – Emerson rules!

A good friend of my mother’s asked me when I was 18 or 19 – what makes you happy?  She said it’s the hardest question you’ll ever ask yourself and for so many years it was.  So here I am now, so many years later, trying still to answer that question.   A few years ago now, my good friend and colleague Kinga Parrot asked me  something similar over lunch.