Career Development

Transforming: from a 5 year plan to NOW

In the last year, I have been undergoing a considerable career change and transformation to coaching and training. This blog series will talk about the different stages of that change, how it came about and what I’ve learned from the experience so far. Three years ago, I was still dreaming of making a change without a clue how to go about it. I’ve come a long way baby, but there is still a long, long way to go!

Plan your career goals – don’t leave your career path to chance

A successful career requires planning and a vision.  My last blog, Job vs career, which do you have? focused on how to build a career vision. Once you have a vision, you need to have a plan. Setting career goals for yourself and acting on your goals helps you to stay on track. This blog will take you through a few ways to get organized and get started with career planning.

Job vs career – which do you have?

There’s a huge difference between having a job vs career.  We have a job. A job is a defined role for specific pay. We do it with our paychecks in mind.  We may learn some specific skills on the job, but without the context of progressive achievement, the skills we learn take us nowhere in particular. We are only focused on our specific role and pay little attention to other roles.

Creating a management system

Whether you are building a new team or launching a new project, you’ll need to establish a management system to keep things on track. If you are stepping into an established role, you will want to evaluate the management system that already exists.

Keeping your career on track : the importance of career goals

The first blog in this series focused on continuous learning. Ok, so you’re super skilled and constantly learning, but are you focusing your learning on not only what you need right now or on the learning which will take you to the next level? Having career goals is critical, not only to your learning plan but for every day networking and seeding the path to your future.