Managing Stress

Are you sure? The difference between fact and opinion

Think back to some of the most heated arguments you have had or witnessed. What was being discussed?  Politics and religion are often at the foundation of some of the most virulent arguments I have seen. How often during these arguments does anyone acknowledge the difference between fact and opinion?

Breaking negative thinking patterns

If you are sick and tired of being stressed and frustrated, it may be time to take a look at how negative thinking patterns are impacting you. Many things in our lives are out of our span of control. But your thoughts are within your control. We sap our energy and enthusiasm daily with these negative thinking patterns. Let’s look at a few of the most common negative thinking patterns and how to quickly break them.

The elusive dream – work life balance

The infamous, ephemeral work life balance.  Family.  Career.  Success.  Personal Fulfillment. Is it really possible to “have it all”? I think so.   But I also think it’s a life’s work. Work/life balance may seem impossible to maintain at certain points in life.  When you get married. When your children are very small.  When you just got that promotion. When you are in survival mode.

My secret sauce for happiness – psychology, psychiatry and Tony Robbins

My first encounter with psychology was pre-adolescent. I was having trouble getting along with other kids.  I wanted to force them to play with me.  Frankly – I was ostracized the first few years of our life in North Carolina by the children my age because I was a “yankee”.  Forget playing with me, they didn’t talk to me for a couple years and I’m not making this up! 

My secret sauce for happiness – Emerson rules!

A good friend of my mother’s asked me when I was 18 or 19 – what makes you happy?  She said it’s the hardest question you’ll ever ask yourself and for so many years it was.  So here I am now, so many years later, trying still to answer that question.   A few years ago now, my good friend and colleague Kinga Parrot asked me  something similar over lunch.