Whether you are going through a crisis or just want to keep your team learning and evolving, team talks are a great way to engage on thought provoking topics. In 60 minutes, we’ll start with tips and tricks, moving on to a facilitated discussion about the specifics of your environment. An infographic takeaway will be provided for all team talks.

Here are just a few examples of topics I can intervene on with your team. If you want the talk to be more customized to your current situation, that’s possible for an additional cost. Contact me to discuss a team talk in your organization.

Influence without authority: Getting the job done when you aren’t the boss

Getting work done in a complex environment can be hard. Often, we find ourselves dependent on people with whom we have no formal authority. Learn 5 influence levers : expertise, information, resources, relationships and attitude. We’ll also talk about when to leverage authority. Facilitated discussion about the team’s challenges with influencing and how these levers can help.

Resolve conflict

Conflicting opinions and goals are a daily reality in the workplace. Learn the steps of problem solving, how to be assertive not aggressive, how to use the 5 why’s to get to the root cause and when a consensus is required. Facilitated discussion about common conflicts in your team and how to deal with them.

Know your stakeholders

Effective communication and influencing require knowledge of your stakeholders. Learn how to assess your stakeholders and their needs. Facilitated discussion about stakeholders in your organization.

Manage stress

Over 50% of those surveyed by Udemy in 2017 said they were stressed “all the time” at work. Learn some simple ways you can reduce your stress at work: disrupting negative thought patterns, differentiating fact, opinion and speculation, and interpreting your emotions are a few. Facilitated discussion about the stressors in your workplace.

Working remotely

Remote work brings a unique set of challenges. Staying informed, creating relationships, separating work and personal time are just a few. Learn some tips to overcome common traps of remote work. Facilitated discussion on the challenges in your organization.


Remote team talk: $100
Face to face team talk*: $200
Customized team talk: +$200

*Tampa Bay area, Orlando