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Career Vision

This workbook contains activities to identify your work values and personality preferences, followed by a simple set of questions to guide your career vision. Whether you are just getting started professionally or are looking to change your vision, getting back to core of what drives you professionally can change your perspective.

Career Exploration

This workbook contains a structured, step by step approach to identifying and exploring potential new career directions. Start with identifying your transferable skills and key work environment factors which are crucial to your success. Discover career matches based on your personality traits. Explore careers and training options. Leverage your network and start working towards your dream job.

Career Development

This workbook contains a structured, step by step approach to developing a plan to reach your career vision. Analyze your skills and skills gaps. Build a learning plan. Leverage your network and establish sponsors and mentors. Define your next steps and start taking action to take your career to the next level.

Work/Life Balance

This workbook contains the wheel of life exercise to define what’s most important to you. The exercise is followed by a prioritization activity which includes defining key actions.

Identify Negative Thinking Patterns

This workbook contains a simple log to enable you to take note of your negative thinking patterns and identify alternatives.

Managing your Emotions

This workbook contains a step by step exercise to identifying how you can better manage in emotional situations. You’ll start by naming the emotion at work, identifying facts from opinions and pinpointing speculation. Leveraging the above you will find negative thinking patterns and identify alternative ways to think about the situation.

Situation Analysis – ABCD Method

Learn how to use situation analysis to recognize how your behavior impacted the outcome of specific situations and identify alternatives for the next time.

Core Beliefs

This workbook contains a simple template to guide you through the analysis of core beliefs. Understand how your beliefs are harming you and what you gain by them. Identify an alternative and start changing your view of yourself today.

Differentiating Fact from Opinion

This workbook contains an exercise to test yourself on whether you can differentiate between fact and opinion. Print the first page and check your answers.