Working Effectively in a Matrix Environment

Working Effectively in a Matrix Environment

How do you get things done in a matrix environment in the midst of constant change and churn? Arm your team with the core skills needed to communicate, collaborate and influence across departmental and organizational boundaries. Your team will learn and practice skills in influencing, communicating, collaborating and managing stress and conflict.

“Working effectively in a matrix environment” starts with four education modules. Each module will be in the form of a live webcast, with 30-40 minutes of content and 20-30 minutes of polling and Q&A.

Each participant will receive an individual workbook which includes exercises and self-assessments. Participants will have a specific action to implement after each education module to better assimilate the content.

The four modules will be followed by a one-day face-to-face workshop. The workshop enables participants to practice applying what they learned in the four modules. Participants will use their workbooks to document their learnings and identified areas of personal improvement. The final output of the workshop is an action plan for improving communication and collaboration in your project team.

Pre-workshop discussions will contribute to customized scenarios for based on your business examples.

Pricing from $2,000 (not including T&L expenses) for ≤20 participants

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