To the Lighthouse is founded by Angela Fresne to inspire people to achieve the elusive dream of self-fulfillment, success and work/life balance. I provide organizations and individuals with coaching, training and learning materials to enable them to manage their stress, their careers and their teams.

Are you tired of being stressed out all the time? 
Are you ready for a change but not sure how to start? 

It’s time to start taking care of yourself and your career.  Learn how to manage stress and stressful situations. Explore the ways you can get the most out of your job and career. Tune in for tips on being effective in management or a matrix environment. Whether you are looking for a little extra motivation, some concrete tools or ready to get some coaching, To the Lighthouse was built for you.

Angela Fresne

If you are ready to invest in yourself and drive lasting change in your life, EXPLORE topics like these via Self-Discovery or check out the Coaching Services and Programs

  • Exploring new career directions

  • Dealing with a toxic work environment

  • Taking charge of your career

  • Rebuilding your self-confidence

  • Reducing stress / managing emotions

Get Started with a Discovery Session

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Career and life discovery session


Unsure where to begin? Start with a 45 minute conversation with Angela to discuss how coaching can benefit you. During the Discovery Session call you will discuss your current challenges and goals, and I will share how my coaching techniques and structured tools can accompany your journey.

I hired Angela Fresne after receiving a glowing recommendation from her husband (a cycling teammate).  I am not one to typically reach out to others regarding career decisions, but years of burnout and unhappiness in my job led me to reach out to Angela.  Angela was a true professional with a very caring and calm manner.  She systematically worked through my interests, both professionally and personally, to target a transition path.  I cannot recommend Angela enough!
— Tiffany Pellegrino

How do your teams lead in the midst of constant change and churn? To the Lighthouse focuses on training and development which arms employees with core skills needed to manage in a time of change.  Influencing, communicating, collaborating and managing stress and conflict. Ideal for managers, project and account managers working in complex environments.



This workshop includes 6 modules for up to 2 days of training, including customized exercises and scenarios for practical application. Arm your managers with the core skills needed to create a thriving, high performance team.: communication, collaboration, cultivation, stress management and influence.

The overall workshop objectives are:

  • Self-assess leadership qualities and competencies

  • Learn and practice using six influence levels

  • Learn and practice communication skills

  • Learn and practice stress management and conflict management techniques

  • Learn to foster collaboration and create a plan

  • Learn to cultivate your team with career planning and coaching

Working Effectively in a Matrix Environment

This workshop starts with a 4-module education series followed by a one-day, team-customized session for practical application. The program is built to arm your team with the core skills needed to communicate, collaborate and influence across departmental and organizational boundaries.

The overall workshop objectives are:

  • Learn and practice using six influence levers

  • Learn and practice communication skills

  • Learn and practice stress management techniques

  • Learn and practice managing conflict

  • Identify areas of team improvement


Get your team talking about top of mind issues and skills in the workplace. Team talks include tips and tricks followed by candid team discussion. Some examples:

  • Influence without authority: Getting the job done when you aren’t the boss

  • Resolve conflict

  • Know your stakeholders

  • Manage stress

  • Working remotely

  • Your customized topic….

Education modules

Boost team skills with 30 minute, pre-recorded, education modules around core skills needed to work effectively in challenging work environments.

  • The power of influence

  • Communicating effectively

  • Managing stress

  • Resolving conflict

  • 10 ways a project manager can reduce stress